New Forage Plants Contract Farming Agreement between Piraeus Bank and “Michail Vasilios/Fyto-Animal Services F.A.S.”

Piraeus Bank, in collaboration with “Michail Vasilios/Fyto-Animal Services F.A.S.”, has initiated a new Contract Farming Program, intended for alfalfa seeds producers in the Prefectures of Larisa, Karditsa, Fthiotida and Trikala.

“Fyto-Animal Services F.A.S.” has its facilities on the 10th km of Larisa-Volos Old National Road and is active in seed production, at  a wide range of crop plants seeds.

For all seed varieties produced, royalties have been acquired, in collaboration either with the National Institutes for Agricultural Research or through contracts with foreign companies for research on genetic material, like CO.SE.ME., ISEA etc.

Furthermore, in collaboration with reliable foreign companies, “Michail Vasilios/Fyto-Animal Services F.A.S.” imports and distributes a variety of forage plants seeds, corn and sunflower hybrids, as well as non-genetically modified soybean varieties. 

The ongoing rising course of F.A.S. reflects its solvency, deriving from its high-quality products and services, as well as its highly qualified manpower.

Through the Piraeus Bank Contract Farming Program, the producer is provided with the required liquidity at highly competitive terms, exactly when he needs such liquidity, while payment of the production agreed to be delivered to the company is guaranteed. 

The Program covers the entire crops production and supply chain by supporting, in an organized manner the mutually beneficial collaboration between producers and the company.

 This new collaboration attests to the firm will of Piraeus Bank to support and encourage any sound productive effort in the economy sector.

Athens, 30 June 2014