Piraeus Bank's New Contract Farming Deal with "E. Malamatinas& Son S.A."
on Vines

Piraeus Bank, in collaboration with "E. Malamatinas& Son S.A.", has initiated a new Contract Farming programme for grape producers in the Prefectures of Attica, Viotia, Evia and Pella.

The funding proposal for contract farming in the sector of wine grapes is essentially intended to help rationalise production organisation and financially support the entire production process, from the producer to product processing and selling by the said company.

"E. Malamatinas& Son S.A." operates its production centres in Evia and Viotia, where its wineries are located; the company's bottling facility, one of Europe's largest, in situated in Kalochori, Thessaloniki.

"E. Malamatinas& Son S.A." places emphasis on product quality with respect to consumers. Its products are designed to meet the market requirements and new trends.

Currently, "E. Malamatinas& Son S.A." is the global leader in the production and trading of the traditional RETSINA wine.

Employing scientifically qualified people with passion for their work, having state-of-the-art technical equipment and a management that seeks opportunities for new investment, and abiding strictly by the EU regulations and Greek legislation, the company manufactures a product that is known in every part of the globe where there is a Greek community.

Through the specific Piraeus Bank Contract Farming programme, the producer is provided with the required liquidity at highly competitive terms, exactly when he needs such liquidity, while payment of the production agreed to be delivered to the company is guaranteed.

The Program covers the entire agricultural production, supply and manufacturing chain by supporting, in an organised manner, the mutually beneficial collaboration between producers and companies.

This new collaboration attests to the firm will of Piraeus Bank to support and encourage any sound productive effort in this economy sector.