The 750,000 farmers entitled to farming subsidies to the amount of €2 billion annually will be served by the 90 Farmer Service Centres (FSC)

Gaia Epicheirein SA will serve the majority of farmers entitled to subsidies amounting to approximately €2 billion annually through 90 Farmer Service Centres (FSC) throughout Greece. Gaia Epicheirein has been appointed by the Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food to serve as the Coordinator of the Single Aid Application for the OSDE 2014-2020 (Integrated Management and Control System).

The procedure for selecting the OSDE 2014-2020 Coordinator was concluded on Thursday 27 March 2014 by decision of the Minister of Rural Development and Food, Athanasios Tsaftaris.

Gaia Epicheirein SA is the result of a major effort to create the largest alliance of strategic partners active in the farming sector of the Greek economy.

Gaia Epicheirein SA is a joint venture between the production sector, represented by primary sector co-ops, and the financial and technological sector. This creates the necessary conditions for the dynamic and quality development of the farming sector in Greece.

Agricultural co-ops are well aware of the needs of growers and adjust them to the goals and potential of the domestic and global market.

Piraeus Bank is participating in the venture as the main shareholder, through its subsidiary Exelixi SA. As the successor of the former ATEBank, it is the only bank in Greece that is strategically oriented and active in the primary sector, supporting all healthy growth activities.

NeuroPublic SA is an innovative and constantly growing company in the area of IT technologies, creating the conditions for productive development of the latest advancements in technology and the scientific practices in the farming sector. 

The Board of Directors of Gaia Epicheirein SA includes highly acclaimed executives with long experience in their respective fields. Dr Kannelis Panagiotou, Chairman of the American Farm School of Thessaloniki, serves as the Chairman of the Gaia Epicheirein SA Board of Directors, while Mr Chsristodoulos Antoniadis, Member of the Piareus Bank BoD and Deputy CEO, serves as Vice-Chairman.

The Gaia Epicheirein network covers the entire country, with Farmer Service Centres at 90 locations. The 90 FSCs offer integrated and quality services for all farming activities (information, networking, education, subsidies, farming development measures, accounting and financial control, smart farming, development of investment plans, etc.). 

By decision of the Minister of Rural Development and Food, Mr Athanasios Tsaftaris, Gaia Epicheirein SA was certified as the only Coordinator for assisting farmers in filling in and submitting their Single Aid Application to OSDE for farming/livestock rights. The certification is valid for 7 years with annual re-evaluation.

Owing to its technical know-how, experience, wide network, trained staff and infrastructure, Gaia Epicheirein SA guarantees quality services both to the awarding body and to farmers.