Plan the future by choosing the investment that suits you

Knowing your needs, you set goals and define the capital required to reach them. The clearer the goals are, the more suitable investment decisions you will make to achieve them. In order to choose the investment that suits you, you should also take into consideration your desirable timetable, the funds you can spend and your risk tolerance.

If you target higher income through long term investments in the most important global Capital markets or in the Greek through significant dispersion of your funds with low initial investment capital and possibility of extraordinary payments, Personal Banking Investment Solutions is the solution that suits you.

The choice is yours.

Choose the distribution of Piraeus Multi Selections Global or Greece Mutual Funds according to:
  • a) the investment category you wish,
  • b) the geographical area and
  • c) the investment time you have

An investment Solution with Unique Benefits

  • Take advantage of the specialized knowledge and the experience of Piraeus Asset Management M.F.M.C. experts for the every-day active management of the M/Fs you chose
  • Gain access to the best Investment Houses and the products chosen for you, using the specialized markets’ evaluation and analysis techniques of the Bank’s Investment Strategy Unit
  • Protect yourself against the market fluctuations through the portfolio regular adjustment mechanism
  • Regain part or all your invested funds whenever you wish
  • Monitor easily and quickly your investment’s course on a daily basis through your Personal Advisor, Winbank or/& through the 6month Piraeus Asset Management M.F.M.C. statements

The products and services offered by the Bank are subject to the restrictions imposed by the current legislative and regulatory framework and in particular during the imposed capital controls.