Allowed Cards' Transactions

Cash Withdrawals from ATM
Purchases **
Greece Abroad at physical stores
Internet/ Telephone orders
Greece Abroad

Debit Cards


Up to € 5.000 or equal amount of the foreign currency, per month, per customer, per Bank



Credit Cards

  Prepaid Cards

** The existing purchase limits of the cards are not affected by the Act Of Legislative Content.

*** - Foreign transactions with card presence are included except those which belong to merchant categories such as: Securities-Brokers/Dealers, Gambling Transactions, Money Transfer, etc.

     - Transactions at physical stores in Greece which cooperate with banks abroad for processing, are not allowed.

        ****  Foreign transactions through Internet / Telephone orders are included except for the following merchant categories: 

             - Wire transfer money orders
             - Art dealers and galleries
             - Recreational services & betting
             - Jewelry stores
             - Telemarketing services
             - Charitable and social service organizations
             - Dating and escort services
             - Food services

Latest Update: 1st of October 2018