Important Announcement

Termination of Prepaid Virtual Card

The non-reloadable Prepaid Virtual Card will stop functioning on 14/9/2019. If you own a non-reloadable Prepaid Virtual Card you can use it for your online purchases or phone orders, to spend your remaining card balance, only until 13/9/2019.

If you wish to keep on using your card, you can request its upgrade (before its expiry date) to a plastic Prepaid Mastercard Reloadable, free of charge, at any Piraeus Bank branch. Any available balance in your non-reloadable Prepaid Virtual Mastercard will be automatically transferred to the new reloadable card.

Learn more about the upgrade process and the necessary supporting documents required.

We remind you that the non reloadable Prepaid Virtual Card was issued exclusively through Piraeus Bank’s website and could be loaded with only once (upon issuance), up to the amount of €250.