Private Banking Debit card
With yellow reward Program

AB Debit Piraeus Private Banking Debit Card, specially designed for Piraeus Private Banking customers. Use it to withdraw or deposit cash at ATMs, make purchases and payments without carrying cash, transfer money by directly debiting your account, or make other banking transactions 24/7 through ATM or/& winbank.
  • Piraeus Private Banking customers
  • Card instead of cash
  • ATM-based transactions in Greece or abroad
  • Instant card issue free of charge
  • Control over use and costs
  • Money management 24/7
  • No queues or delays in transactions
  • No interest charges
  • Contactless technology
  • Chip & PIN technology for extra security
  • Easy payments with your mobile phone


Instant card issuance

Your Private Banking Debit card can be issued within a few minutes at one of the selected Private Banking branches of Piraeus Bank and at the following branch. You may start using your card right away.

24/7 Money Management

You can link your Piraeus Private Banking Debit Card to one or more Piraeus Bank accounts and credit cards.

More specifically you may link your card to:

  • Up to 4 current accounts
  • Up to 4 savings accounts
  • Up to 4 credit cards

This enables you to manage your money any time of the day or night at Piraeus Bank ATMs for cashier or payment transactions, such as:

  • Withdrawals, deposits and cash transferring from all accounts linked to the card
  • Online cash deposits without an envelope (at selected ATMs). The linked account you choose will be credited automatically
  • Bill Payments of electricity, phone and Piraeus Bank credit cards
  • Card-phone airtime renewal
  • Balance enquiries and review of the last 6 transactions of all accounts linked to the card

You can also withdraw cash and make balance enquiries 24/7 at ATMs of other banks in Greece and abroad.

Make purchases using your card instead of cash

Use your Piraeus Private Banking Debit card instead of cash for your daily purchases at stores bearing the Visa logo in Greece or abroad, such as supermarkets, gas stations, etc. You can also use it to make purchases online* or by phone.

Purchases are directly debited to your account and therefore no interest is charged.

*For more information regarding the allowed transactions press here

Debit Card transaction monitoring

You can monitor very easily all the transactions made using your debit card Piraeus Private Banking Debit, through winbank web banking, in ΄Debit Card Transactions΄section. You simply specify the kind of transactions (purchases , withdrawals , deposits , authorisations) and the time period.

Easy payments with your mobile phone with winbank wallet App

winbank wallet App is the most innovative, quick and easy way to make contactless payments in physical stores. It is your new digital wallet, since, instead of plastic card or cash, you may simply place your cell phone in front of the contactless POS, without the need to have cash or physical card with you. The payments are debited, through any Piraeus bank debit card, to the main linked account.

Download the winbank wallet App:

To use the winbank wallet App you must be a Piraeus Bank customer and have signed up for a winbank web banking.

Eayspayments at Easypay kiosks 

You can use your Visa Debit at the easypay kiosks for your payments and cash deposits or specialized sevices such as to buy tickets, quickly & conveniently. Just insert your Visa Debit in the easypay kiosk.
The kiosks are either securely installed in Piraeus Bank branches, or are located outside branches in certain areas.

You can pay your bills at utility services e.g. PPC or EYDAP, public services e.g. registered tax debts, or telecommunications such as Cosmote, Vodafon and insurance companies such as NN Hellas, Interamerican etc. Learn more about easypay kiosks.

Private Phone Banking Service

Your Private Banking Debit’s PIN can also be used at the Private Phone Banking 210 32 89 900 for payments and banking transactions. Your access is available 24/7.

Transaction security with Chip & PIN technology

Piraeus Private Banking Debit incorporates Chip & PIN technology for safer transactions. At physical points of sale your card PIN is your digital signature. The transaction is only processed once you enter your PIN to verify your data.

Free of charge replacement

If your card is lost or stolen, we will replace it immediately, free of charge.

Contactless technology

Your Piraeus Private Banking Debit Card incorporates Contactless technology so you can use it for secure, convenient and fast transactions at all points of sale bearing the relevant logo, without letting the card off your hand.

How does contactless technology works::

  • The merchant enters the payment amount, which then appears on the screen of the card acceptance device bearing the relevant logo
  • You simply hold the card near the device
  • If the amount is less than €25, you do no need to enter your PIN
  • In a few seconds you will hear a distinctive sound and the approval will appear on the device’s screen
  • Your transaction has been completed

At the same time you can always use your card as you used to. Simply insert the card in the card acceptance device and enter your PIN.


No annual fee

Piraeus Private Banking Debit is issued free of charge. It is valid for 5 years and has no subscription fee.

Direct debit

Your Piraeus Private Banking Debit card is not a credit card. When you make purchases, payments or money transfers, the amount is immediately debited to your account. There must be sufficient funds in your account to complete the transaction.

Daily transaction limits

You set your own daily transaction limits for your Piraeus Private Banking Debit card and can alter them according to your own needs.

Piraeus Private Banking Debit Card Transactions Limits

Daily Purchase transactions limit is the daily maximum amount you can use for purchases using your Piraeus Private Banking Debit Card at any store in Greece or abroad displaying the Visa logo.

Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit is the daily maximum amount you can have for cash advance by using your debit card to Piraeus Bank ATM network and other than Piraeus Bank ATM (DIAS network) in Greece and abroad.

You can change these limits according to your needs by:

*All products and services offered by the Bank are provided under the restrictions imposed by the applicable legislative and regulatory framework and in particular during the validity of imposed capital controls.


Type of transaction Country – Currency Transaction
Fixed charge FX conversion
Cash advance
DIAS network
ATM abroad inside the euro area
Up to €250.00

From €250.01





ATM abroad outside the euro area


Irrespective of amount




2% of the transaction amount
maximum fee: €6.00
Balance enquiry


DIAS network
ATM abroad inside the euro area








ATM abroad outside the euro area







In currency other than Euro






of the transaction amount
maximum fee: €6.00


Change PIN


 DIAS network ATM












Unblock PIN


 DIAS network ATM











Piraeus Private Banking Debit cardholders can benefit from 2 free of charge cash withdrawals and 1 balance enquiry, per month via DIAS network.

How to obtain a Piraeus Private Banking Debit card

To issue a Piraeus Private Banking Debit card, you must have an account at Piraeus Bank and be a Piraeus Private Banking customer:

 1.  Visit the specified Piraeus Bank branch of your choice and apply for a Piraeus Private Banking Debit card.

 2.  Pick up your Piraeus Private Banking Debit card and PIN within a few minutes.

Piraeus Private Banking Visa Debit terms & conditions (available only in Greek), here

How to issue your Piraeus Private Banking Debit card step-by-step