Overdraft Limit

The Overdraft Limit automatically increases the balance of your account. It offers you liquidity to cover emergency personal or consumer expenses.
today 12.60%
From €500

Up to €5,000

  • Security and immediate access to cash
  • Cash for emergencies & automatic payment of utility bills
  • Direct repayment with every deposit to your account


Immediate access to cash

The Overdraft Limit offers you immediate access to an approved amount so that you can cover emergencies in cash. You can use all or part of it when you run out of money in your current account.

How to use the Overdraft Limit

You can use the Overdraft Limit:

 1.  To make transactions using your Visa Debit card, such as:
    • Withdraw cash from Piraeus Bank branches and ATMs or ATMs of other banks (DIAS)
    • Shop in Greece or abroad

 2.  To automatically pay utility bills and other payments through your current account

Zero expenses

The Overdraft Limit is issued at no cost.

Easy repayment

The Overdraft Limit is repaid automatically with deposits to your account. You do not have to pay a set instalment by a specific date.

Instant quote

Learn more about the Overdraft Limit:

  • Visit any Piraeus Bank branch
  • Call us on 18 218, 24/7


Overdraft Limit amount

  • From €500 to €5000

Interest rate

The interest rate is variable at 12.60% today

Interest rates are also subject to the Law 128/1975 levy. Today it stands at 0.60%. 

See an example of the overall APR for the Overdraft Limit.

Loan term

The loan term for the Overdraft Limit is indefinite.

Interest calculation



You do not have to pay instalments. The loan is repaid automatically with deposits to your account.