Piraeus Business MasterCard

Piraeus Bank Business MasterCard for business transactions.

per executive card

Every monthly account balance:

  • Is due in full
  • Is paid automatically through the company’s sight account
for purchases
  • Flexible credit line for every executive
  • Insurance Coverage

How you benefit

Convenient business transactions

The Piraeus Bank Business MasterCard is a typical corporate card for convenient business transactions. You can request additional cards for as many of your company’s executives as you like.

The balance of each monthly statement is due in full. It is paid automatically through a standing order from your company’s sight account.

Flexible credit limit of each additional card

Piraeus Bank sets the total credit limit for the additional corporate cards issued to your company’s executives. You can distribute this limit as you wish for each additional card, depending on the needs of each executive using it.

Free insurance coverage

Piraeus Business MasterCard offers you free insurance coverage:

  • Free travel insurance for trips paid using your card

  • Free Shopping Protection for purchases made in Greece using your card, for a period of up to 6 months after the transaction

  • In case of death or permanent total disability caused by accident, coverage extends to your card debts, up to €2,000 of your balance

Chip & PIN

The Piraeus Business MasterCard incorporates Chip & PIN technology for safer transactions.


Annual fee

The annual fee is €29 for each additional card.

Interest Rate

  • The annual interest rate for purchases is 16,95% + 0,60% levy (Law 128/1975)

  • The interest rate for cash advances is 19,15% + 0,60% levy (Law 128/1975). Interest is calculated from the date the cash is withdrawn

Click here to see the overall APR example for transferring a balance to your Piraeus Business MasterCard

Cash advances

You can withdraw cash from any ATM displaying the MasterCard logo in Greece or abroad.

How to get it

  • Fill in the Business Card application form at your business’ local Piraeus Bank branch

  • Piraeus Bank then examines your application. If it is approved, we let you know how to pick up your corporate cards and PINs