Collection Account (CLA)

Piraeus Bank’s Collection Account (CLA) allows companies based abroad to collect amounts their associates in Greece owe them. Collection methods:

  • Cash or cheque deposits

  • Account transfers

  • Remittances

Who is it for

The Collection Account (CLA) is aimed at foreign businesses and firms whose registered offices are in the European Union but with a large volume of exports to Greece.

How you benefit

There are numerous benefits for the foreign form and the Greek importer from having a Collection Account (CLA).

 1.    For the foreign firm:
    • Debts are collected immediately, in full, without any bank charges being deducted

    • Accounts can be monitored online in real time via winbank,

    • Funds accmulated in the account can be transferred to a bank of your choice,

    • Daily updates sent to company’s bank in its home country about CLA transactions and the available balance.

 2.     For Greek importers:
    • Debt payment procedures are simplified, via the Bank’s extensive network of branches and rates are low

    • Immediate, easy debt payments, free of charge, 24/7 using winbank


The fees for this service are specified in an agreement signed by both parties.

Contact us

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18 28 38 or 210 3288000

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from abroad

+30 210 3288000

The service is provided under the current restrictions on capital transfers