Use easypay to make payments by charging your Piraeus Bank account or a card issued by any Greek bank, unless the payment must be made using a Piraeus Bank credit card. You do not have to be a Piraeus Bank customer.

How you benefit

All your payments in one go

Use easypay to pay your home or company bills. The service caters for all payments to public sector organisations as well as many private businesses:

  • Utilities (electricity, water)
  • Municipal companies
  • Public services and funds
  • Gas companies in Attica and Thessaloniki
  • Telecommunications (public and private companies)
  • Insurance companies
  • Non-governmental organisations
  • Travel agencies and companies
  • Colleges, universities and private tuition schools

For customers of all banks

To make payments through easypay you do not have to be a Piraeus Bank customer. Each payment is debited to the card you have selected:

If you are a Piraeus Bank customer, you may choose to have your account credited.

Fast and Easy-to-Use

Use easypay to make payments 24/7, wherever you are. You no longer have to waste time standing in queues at public services, post offices or bank branches.

Your order is issued on the spot. To confirm it, you may choose to receive a notification email free of charge.

Lower fees

easypay payments entail no fees, except for some cases.

All the easypay payments and fees

24/7 Support

The easypay call centre operates 24/7. They will immediately assist you if you need information, clarifications or help when carrying out your transactions.

The Greenest Way to Pay

Making your payments online through easypay actually helps the environment. You save lots of paper, which reduces the environmental impact of paper production: felling trees, consuming electricity and water.

It is yet another convenient, cost-effective and safe way to help cut your carbon footprint.

Payments in 3 steps

easypay is straightforward and safe. You can pay your bills and debts remotely in 3 steps:

 1.  Visit the easypay website

 2.  Choose the payment you want to make from the available categories and fill in the necessary details.

 3.  If you are a Piraeus Bank customer, you may choose to have your account credited.

Transaction security

  • Cutting-edge security systems certified by international services keep your web transactions secure.
  • Recognised encryption protocols guarantee that your transactions remain private and protect your data.
  • A firewall controls access to Piraeus Bank systems. It prevents unauthorised access to systems and databases containing confidential information.
Find out more about winbank Security

Why should I sign up for easypay

Once you sign up, you can:

  • View your transaction history online, whatever service channel you have chosen to use or easypay app)
  • Set up orders for post-dated payments
  • Store the details of regular payments using convenient names so that you may make easy repeat payments
  • Create and manage your personal user profile
Signing up for easypay is free of charge.

Payment categories



Public sector


Public services & funds




Internet services



Travel agencies

Boat rental

Car rental


Trade companies

Service providers




Insurance companies

Insurance brokers


Power companies

Municipal companies

Education / Training

Seminars & Conferences

Colleges/Universities/Private tuition schools

Publishing & Knowledge

Other payments

Non-governmental organisations

Associations & Unions

Financial services

Pay TV

Multi-Account "Polylogariasmos"

Other functions

Past payment history

Storage of credit card details

Storage of convenient payment names

Common codes with easypay App