winbank mobile banking App

Download winbank mobile banking App and manage your banking and stock exchange transactions directly from your smartphone or tablet.
Now login to your account faster than ever with one touch, without having to use your username and password.

Download the winbank mobile banking App:

To use the winbank mobile banking App you must be a Piraeus Bank customer and have signed up for a winbank web banking.

Advantages of the winbank mobile banking App

Fast and Easy-to-Use

Carry out banking and stock exchange transactions online at any time using your smartphone or tablet.


Υου may login to winbank mobile banking App using your winbank credentials (Username & Password) or using the quick login option (4digit PIN) for easier and faster access.

If your device support fingerprint authentication you may login to winbank mobile banking App using the one touch (Touch ID /fingerprint scanner).

Available Transactions

  • View your account, credit card and loan balances and activity
  • Manage your prepaid winbank WEBUY card
  • Prepaid Cards Load
  • Transfer funds
  • Make payments
  • Issuance & Payment of e-Administrative Fee
  • Make remittances
  • Make stock exchange transactions
  • Airtime Renewal
  • Issue check book & Revoke cheques

Service Tools

  • quick login (4-digit PIN or one touch) PIN for easier and faster access to the App
  • Management of winbank credentials (Username and Password) in case you have forgotten or blocked your codes
  • Easy access to winbank mycard App with all Piraeus Bank Cards offers
  • Find and locate ATMs and Branches in maps
  • Direct contact with Piraeus Bank, by email or phone

Lower fees

The transaction fees are lower when you use the winbank mobile banking App instead of going to a bank branch or using an ATM or an easypay device.

Compare transaction commissions and fees


To make sure that every transaction you carry out through the winbank mobile banking App is secure, we have put in place advanced e-payment security systems.

More about secure electronic transactions 

quick login (4-digit PIN & one touch)

Now, login to your Winbank account faster than ever.

Sign in using the fingerprint authentication* technology of your smartphone or using a 4-digit PIN of your choice, without having to enter your username and your password.

How can I activate it?

Activate the quick login in your device (iOS & Android) through winbank mobile banking App.

What do I need?

To activate quick login use your winbank credentials, i.e. your Username & Password and an extraPIN code.


Your access to winbank mobile banking App using quick loginPIN or one touch, is safe, because it is activated locally in your mobile device. winbank mobile banking App continues to operate in the same safe environment, as you had access using your winbank credentials (Username & Password).

*For devices that support fingerprint authentication technology: iOS 9+ not jailbroken and Android OS 6+ supporting a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and not rooted.