FAQs about extraPINs and the extraPIN Generator


What is the extraPIN?

It is a one-off 8-digit code that offers enhanced security for all winbank services. For certain online transactions, it is mandatory to insert the extraPIN. You can also opt to make use of the extraPIN mandatory for logging into winbank services in parallel with your Username and Password.

How do I receive the extraPIN?

In 2 way:

  • By an SMS to your mobile free of charge at the time of the transaction.
  • Through the special extraPIN generator, at a cost of €8 a year.

To register a mobile phone number for receiving the extraPIN or to get an extraPIN generator, visit the Piraeus Bank branch of your choice.

For how long is the extraPIN valid?

For about 2 minutes from the time you selected to have the extraPIN sent. If you do not enter the 8-digit code correctly within this timeframe, ask to have another extraPIN sent.

My mobile phone number has changed. How can I receive extraPINs by SMS?

Register your new number

  • If you have a Piraeus Bank debit card, log into winbank: Log in > SECURITY SETTINGS > extraPIN > extraPIN Mobile
  • If you do not have a debit card or if you are a business user, visit the Piraeus Bank branch of your choice.

extraPIN generator

What is the extraPIN generator?

It is a device that generates random one-off 6-digit extraPINs. The extraPIN is displayed on the LCD screen of the device and it is valid for 1 minute.

It is a battery-operated device. The battery lasts about 5 years. The expiry date is written on the reverse side of the device in mm/dd/yy format.

Do I have to get an extraPIN generator?

No. You can log into winbank and receive your extraPINs by SMS to your mobile free of charge.

How do I get an extraPIN generator?

Go to any Piraeus Bank branch. You get the extraPIN generator when you sign up as a winbank user or at later date. The generator you receive is activated and ready for use.

How do I activate my extraPIN generator?

The generator is already activated. You do not have to do anything.

For how long is the extraPIN generated by the device valid?

For 1 minute. On the extraPIN generator screen, next to the extraPIN, you will see a bar with 6 lines. Each line corresponds to 10 seconds, As time goes by, the lines disappear one after the other, until the extraPIN expires.

I have 2 separate winbank login codes. Do I need 2 extraPIN generators?

Not necessarily. The same device can generate extraPINs for both login codes. If you do want a separate generator for each login code, you can get 2 devices. However, you will be charged for both. Users who hold both Private Banking and Corporate accounts usually have 2 extraPIN generators.

Can another winbank user (e.g. relative or associate) use my extraPIN generator for their own transactions?

No. The extraPINs generated by your device are exclusively for you. No one else can use them.

I have an RSA code generator from another service. Can I use it for winbank?

No. Only the extraPIN generator you receive from Piraeus Bank is compatible with winbank.

If I have an extraPIN generator, can I still receive extraPINs by SMS to my mobile?

Yes, provided you have registered your mobile phone number to receive extraPINS. When you want to make a transaction that requires an extraPIN, the system lets you choose how you want to receive the extraPIN:

  • Through the extraPIN generator
  • By SMS to your mobile

Transactions using the extraPIN

Which transactions require an extraPIN?

You need it for the following transactions:

  • Remittances
  • Transfer cash to others at Piraeus Bank
  • Pay credit cards from other banks
  • Carry out payrolling, batch payments or batch remittances
  • Issue Insurance Coupons
  • Load prepaid cards
  • Send cash using Instant Cash
  • Top up airtime
  • Apply for new products or manage applications
  • Exclude / Restore accounts
  • Change personal details

Can I use the same extraPIN for more than one transaction?

Did you receive it by SMS? Yes.

The same extraPIN is valid for as long as you remain logged into winbank without interruption, for as many transactions as you like, irrespective of the amount.

Did you receive it through the extraPIN generator? It depends on the type and amount of the transactions.

If the value of your direct transactions exceeds €7,000, the system asks you to enter a second extraPIN. Direct transactions include:

  • Remittances
  • Transfer cash to others at Piraeus Bank
  • Pay credit cards from other banks

Logging in using the extraPIN

How do I use the extraPIN generator to log into winbank?

On the winbank login page enter:

  • Your Username
  • Your Password
  • The 6-digit code displayed on the extraPIN generator screen

Do I need the extraPIN generator every time I log into winbank?

Not necessarily. If you do not have your generator, you can log in using just your Username and Password. In this case, the system will ask you to enter the extraPIN before carrying out transactions for which it is mandatory.

Do I have to be on the same computer every time I log into winbank using my extraPIN generator?

Not necessarily. You can log into winbank from any computer or mobile device. You just need to correctly enter your Username, Password and the extraPIN generated by your device.


My extraPIN generator is not working. What do I do?

Bring your broken generator to the Piraeus Bank branch of your choice. We will replace it with a new one free of charge.

My extraPIN generator battery has expired. Can I change it?

No. Do not in any way attempt to open the device. Even if you make the smallest attempt to break open the device, the internal mechanism will be destroyed and the device will be rendered useless. Bring your generator to the Piraeus Bank branch of your choice.

Replacement / Deactivation

My extraPIN generator has expired. What do I do?

Get a new generator from the Piraeus Bank branch of your choice. This will be free of charge.

What if my extraPIN generator is lost or stolen?

Call Piraeus Bank's Customer Service Centre immediately:

  • From Greece on 18 28 38
  • From abroad on +30 210 3288000

Report the theft or loss of your device so that we can deactivate it and replace it with a new one.

To get a new generator, visit the Piraeus Bank branch of your choice.
The replacement for the new device is FREE.

I don't need my extraPIN generator anymore. How can I deactivate it?

Bring your generator to the Piraeus Bank branch of your choice. We will deactivate it free of charge.

I am closing my Piraeus Bank account. What do I do with my extraPIN generator?

Bring your generator to the Piraeus Bank branch of your choice.