US Pensioners Savings Account

A US dollar deposit account, for receiving pensions and welfare payments from the US Government, in the context of the Direct Deposit programme.
  • US pensioners & US Government welfare payments beneficiaries
  • Easy access to pensions and US Government welfare payments

How you benefit

Deposit of pension and welfare payments in US dollars

The US Pensioners Savings Account, is designed for pensioners and beneficiaries of allowances from the US Government. This account, helps you to promptly receive your pension or any other payment from the US Government.

The US Pensioners Savings Account offers instant access to your money whether you need cash or wish to make any other transactions. There is no limit on the amount you can deposit and there is no need to maintain a minimum balance, at any time.

Interest Rates

Fixed interest rate

The US Pensioners Savings Account has a fixed interest rate. The interest rate applies to the total amount and the account pays interest on every cent that you deposit.

Interest is paid semi-annually, on June 30 and December 31.

You may find the interest rates here.


Everyday transactions

Cash deposits and withdrawals

  • At Piraeus Bank branches

Money transfers

Fast procedure, at preferential  rates:

  • Within Greece
  • Abroad

Money transfers within Piraeus Bank

One - off or via standing order:

  • Among your accounts 
  • To someone else’s account

The above features and interest rates are valid for new accounts.