Mporo Savings Account

An account for regular savers. It rewards your saving efforts with a privileged interest rate and with no constrains on your funds.
Tiered whole balance
  • Regular savers
  • High interest rate
  • Flexible Savings

How you benefit

Motivation for regular saving

Mporo Account is exclusively a savings account. You are rewarded with a privileged interest rate as long as you save on a regular basis throughout the year.

This account can not be used for any other banking transactions. However, in case you need to withdraw money from your account, you can make cash withdrawals directly at a Piraeus Bank branch.

Interest rates

Higher interest rate than any ordinary deposit account.

Mporo Savings Account pays interest once a year. Each amount saved periodically bears interest from the date that is deposited.

  • Privileged interest rate annually in case that:

    • You have not missed any of your regular deposits during the year
    • You have made up to one withdrawal within the year, irrespective of the amount

  • Basic interest rate annually, in case that:

    • You made more than one withdrawal during the year, irrespective of the amount
    • You have missed one or more of your regular deposits
    • You have cancelled your standing order

You may find the interest rates here.

How to save

Set up a standing order

Define the amount and the frequency with which you wish to save, as well as the feeding account linked to the Mporo Savings Account. In this way, the standing order will be executed automatically on a regular basis.

You select the terms of the standing order and you can change them according to your financial situation:

  • Regular deposit amount: From 20 to 500 €
  • Regular deposit frequency: Every 1 or 3 months
  • Standing order execution date: From the 1st to the 28th day of each month
  • Feeding account: Any Piraeus Bank account you hold


It discourages you from using your savings

  • You are not allowed to perform day-to-day banking transactions, such as payments, money transfers, etc.
  • It cannot be linked to a debit or credit card. You have to visit a Piraeus Bank branch to make a cash withdrawal
  • It does not allow deposits, beyond the amounts transferred by standing order from the feeding account. To increase your savings, you can increase the amount of the standing order
  • The feeding account must be a Piraeus Bank account

The above features and interest rates are valid for new accounts.