Proodevo Savings Account

A kid’s savings account.

Tiered whole balance
  • Savings for children
  • Easy access to your money
  • High interest rates

How you benefit

Saving for children

Proodevo Savings Account is ideal for parents willing to save money for the future needs of their children.

You can open the account in the name of your kid, but an adult, member of the family, is required to be a co-beneficiary. When the kid reaches the age of 18 years old, the account is automatically converted to a Basic Savings Account.

Easy saving

"Proodevo” Savings Account gives you the option to make deposits in any way convenient to you:

  • Via cash deposits
  • Via a standing order from another account you hold with Piraeus Bank
  • Via money transfer from an account at any other bank

Since it is a savings account, you are not advised to use it for everyday banking transactions, such as payments, remittances or loans. However, you are at any time free to make withdrawals if you require money. There is no limit on the amount you can deposit or withdraw and there is no need to maintain a minimum balance at any time.

Interest Rates

“Proodevo” Savings Account pays interest every month. Flat interest rate applies.

You may find the interest rates here.


Debit card “Piraeus Visa/MasterCard Debit”

Use your debit card for all your transactions, without charge of interest:

  • Shop at any store displaying the Visa/MasterCard logo in Greece or abroad and via internet
  • Withdraw cash and make bank transactions at Piraeus Bank ATM, DIAS ATM and Visa/MasterCard ATM.
You may simply alter your debit card’s daily transaction limit at any Piraeus Bank branch or through winbank.

Piraeus Visa or MasterCard credit card

No annual fee for the first year or for every next year depending on your annual transactions.

Although it is not obligatory to set an automatic payment of your card to your account, it is highly recommended to do so.

The above features and interest rates are valid for new accounts.