Apodosi & Eleftheria Time Deposit
(Not offered)

A time deposit in € offering step up interest rate and an early withdrawal option (free of charge).
Available for 6, 12 or 18 months.
Step up

Μonthly income
  • Interest paid monthly
  • Option of an early withdrawal monthly free of charge

How you benefit

Step up interest rate

The interest rate of the Apodosi & Eleftheria time deposit, increases during the term of the deposit. The interest accrued is transferred monthly to your deposit account.

Option of an early withdrawal free of charge

Should you need the money deposited in Apodosi & Eleftheria time deposit before the maturity date, you have the option of an early withdrawal of the total amount.

On the day of the interest payment, there is no charge for early withdrawal. In any other date, an early withdrawal penalty applies, calculated as follows:

2% x Withdrawn Capital x days remaining to maturity / 360 (days)

Early withdrawal penalty cannot exceed the total accrued credit interest of the time deposit, paid or not.

Minimum amount

The minimum deposit amount for Apodosi & Eleftheria time deposit is €5,000.

Interest Rates

The step up interest rate of Apodosi & Eleftheriatime deposit, depends on the term and the time deposit amount.

You may find the interest rates here.

Interest rates are gross, annualized and may change according to the Piraeus Bank pricing policy. Tax rate of 15% applies. Tax is deducted and paid over to the Greek State.

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