Don’t disorientate from your entertainment!

Combine entertainment and benefits with Piraeus Bank cards and athinorama Club!

Piraeus Bank cards – credit, debit and prepaid – collaborate with athinorama Club and offer to you the athinorama Club membership card at the preferential annual fee of €8, instead of €25.

athinorama Club membership card offers competitive prices and discounts up to 50% on businesses that co-operate with the Club.


  • 20%-30% discount on total amount of the bill in restaurants, dance floors, music halls, clubs and bars
  • 50% discount on cinema tickets (2 persons with one ticket) or special price only €5 per ticket
  • 50% discount on theater tickets (2 persons with one ticket)
  • 20%-30% discount on spa, dance and alternative gymnastic
  • Up to 50% discount on escape rooms, theme parks and activities
  • Up to 50% discount on museums and seminars
  • 20%-50% discount on activities for kids

How will you benefit from the preferential price of the annual fee?

 1.   Visit the and fill in the online member form or call at 210 7450114 (Monday – Friday, 10:30 – 17:30).

 2.   Use for the payment of the annual fee any card of Piraeus Bank (credit, debit or prepaid).

 3.   Enjoy unique benefits and discounts!

Information leaflet (available only in Greek)