AEK F.C. Mastercard® & Gold

pistotiki-karta-aek-fc-mastercard Piraeus Bank AEK F.C. Mastercard® & AEK F.C. Mastercard® Gold card for AEK Football Club fans. Use your Piraeus Bank AEK F.C. Mastercard® for your purchases and win points. You can then exchange your points for gifts, such as season tickets, signed photos and set of training outfit

for the first year
for purchases

for balance transfers
  • Loyalty Programme
  • Free Insurance Coverage

How you benefit

AEK gifts using loyalty programme points

Collect points:

  • Upon card issuing and first purchase with AEK F.C. Mastercard®, 25 points
  • Upon card issuing and first purchase with AEK F.C. Mastercard® Gold, 50 points
  • For purchases, €10 = 1 point
  • For balance transfer, €10 = 1 point

*For transactions regarding payment of taxes and dues to the state, you receive 1 point for every €10.

When you accumulate enough points, you can choose the gifts you want to exchange them for:

200 points:

Choose from the following

  • AEK hat, or
  • AEK scarf, or
  • AEK cap

400 points:

Choose from the following

  • Official Yearbook of the team, or
  • Set of players’ autographs

800 points:

Choose from the following

  • Line up kids, or
  • Ball signed from the players

1.200 points

Choose from the following

  • Team’s shirt, or
  • Set of training outfit

1.600 points

Choose from the following

  • Family Stand: 3 invitations (2 for children and one for parent/) or
  • ΑΕΚ day for 3 persons (Watch the training, photos with the players and the coach etc)

2.000 points

  • Free Short Season Ticket: pack of tickets for three (3) Greek derby matches (championship or cup) or European matches

3.000 points

  • Free Season ticket for next season

To redeem your points, call 18 28 38.

Free insurance coverage

Piraeus AEK F.C. Mastercard® offers you free insurance coverage:

Free Visa Card

Piraeus AEK F.C. Mastercard® holders can also apply for a free Piraeus Visa card. The main cardholder may also add up to 2 members on his/her card.

Chip & PIN

Piraeus Bank AEK F.C. Mastercard® incorporates Chip & PIN technology for safer transactions.

Contactless technology

Your AEK F.C. MaterCard incorporates contactless technology for faster transactions without leaving the card off your hand at all points of sale displaying the relevant logo.

How does contactless technology work:

  • The merchant enters the payment amount, which then appears on the POS screen displaying the relevant logo. You simply hold your card near the device
  • If the amount is less than €25, you do not have to enter your PIN
  • In a few seconds you will hear a sound and the approval indication will appear on the device screen
  • You transaction has been completed

Υou can still use your card as you used to. Simply insert the card in the POS and enter your PIN.


Annual fee

There is no annual fee for the first year. From the second year on, the annual fee for main cards is €30 for the AEK F.C. Mastercard® or € 60 for AEK F.C. Mastercard® Gold.

Minimum monthly repayment

The minimum amount you must pay each month is 2% of your card’s outstanding balance.

Interest rate

  • The annual interest rate for purchases is 15.95% + 0.60% levy (Law 128/1975)
  • The annual interest rate for cash advances is 19.15% + 0.60% levy (Law 128/1975)
  • The annual interest rate for balance transfer from other cards is 9.00% + 0.60% levy (Law 128/1975). It applies to the amount transferred until it is repaid in full

Click here to see the overall APR example for AEK F.C. Mastercard®

Cash advance

Temporarily not offered.

Transfer your balance

You can transfer the balance of any other credit card issued by a Greek bank, other than Piraeus Bank Cards.

Interest-free instalments

  • Selected merchants throughout Greece offer special interest-free instalment plans

e-statements service

No need to flick through your statement any more. View it online, and protect the environment.

Sign up for e-Statements to:

  • Get secure access to your credit card statements
  • View your monthly statements for the last 2 years
  • Save, file and print out your statements
  • Find out about special shopping deals available for your credit cards

Learn more about the e-statements service.

*The product is provided under the current restrictions on capital transfers.