Guaranteed Capital Products

Guaranteed Capital Products enable you to achieve high returns, under certain conditions, while also guaranteeing that you will get the initial capital you invested back at maturity. Returns are linked to the performance or price fluctuations of underlying securities, such as exchange rates, stock exchange  indices, interest rates, oil prices or even inflation rates.


  • The initial capital you invest is protected, irrespective of how the underlying security performs
  • You may receive enhanced return on your investment than ordinary time deposit products
  • There is a low minimum investment required, depending on the guaranteed capital product you choose


  • The investment product is tied to the performance of selected underlying products, such as exchange rates, stock exchange indices, interest rates, oil prices, inflation rates etc.
  • When the product matures you collect your initial capital plus the yield on your investment
  • You can terminate the investment earlier than its maturity. In this case the guarantee on initial capital may not apply
  • Tax is withheld from the yield you have earned and is paid over to the Greek State in line with the applicable tax laws