Personal Loan "Kinisi Akinitou"

Personal Loan "Kinisi Akinitou" for property owners who wish to receive finance to cover needs or transfer debts from other banks. It offers low variable interest rate based on the Euribor 1M and the option of a mortgage lien on your property.
Euribor 1M
Up to 180 months
from €10,000

up to  €200,000
  • Low interest rate
  • High loan amount
  • Long repayment period


Choice of interest rate

The Personal Loan "Kinisi Akinitou" offers you financing at preferential rates by placing a mortgage lien on a property (main home, holiday house or plot of land). With this amount you may:

  • Buy consumer goods
  • Cover personal and emergency expenses
  • Repay loan or credit card balances

Instant quote

Learn about the features of the Personal Loan "Kinisi Akinitou" without even having to submit a loan application:

  • Visit any Piraeus Bank branch
  • Call us on 18 218, 24/7

We give you a written quote that is valid for 5 calendar days. That gives you time to weigh up your options and reach your decision.

Service every step of the way

Our experts will explain your options and the procedure. They will help you apply for and monitor your loan.


Loan amount

From €10,000 to €200,000 (60% of the property value).

Interest rate

The interest rate varies with the Euribor 1M rate plus a spread of only 6.00%.

Interest rates are also subject to the Law 128/1975 levy. Today it stands at 0.60%.

See an example of the overall APR for the Personal Loan "Kinisi Akinitou".

Loan term 

The Personal Loan "Kinisi Akinitou has a term from 6 to 180 months.

In all cases, when you repay the last instalment, you (the borrower) must not be aged over 75.

Loan approval fee 

€350 deducted from the amount disbursed to you.You are also charged for expenses incurred by third parties for valuation, due diligence, court appearance and land registry.


In monthly instalments that repay interest and capital together. Repayments must be made in the form of standing orders from your deposit account.

Early repayment option

You can repay all or part of the amount at any time at no cost.

Mandatory insurance coverage

  • Life and permanent total disability insurance: you are advised to get insured against the risk of loss of life or inability to work because of permanent total disability. This way your insurance will repay the remainder of the loan in case of an accident and your family and loved ones will not be financially burdened. Piraeus Bank offers low rates for this insurance policy.
  • Fire and Earthquake insurance: You can insure your mortgaged property against Fire and Earthquake. Piraeus Bank offers low rates for this insurance policy.
You pay the premiums monthly, along with the loan instalment.

Insurance options 

The Payment Protection Plan comes as an option. This form of insurance coverage provides compensation for:

  • Dismissal or temporary disability due to accident or illness, for full-time, private sector employees with a contract.
  • Hospital treatment and temporary disability due to accident or illness for freelance professionals, civil servants and part-time private sector employees with a contract.
The compensation guarantees that:

  • Your Personal Loan "Kinisi Akinitou" instalments will continue to be paid as normal for a set period.
  • Your insurance coverage will apply for the remainder of the plan, if you opt to continue it, even though you have fully or partially repaid the loan.