Consumer Loan for Natural Gas Supply Installation

A consumer loan with fast and simple financing procedures for the construction of premises for connecting to the natural gas network.
Up to 96 months
from €1,000

up to  €40,000
  • Fixed interest rate for the entire loan period
  • Coverage of the total installation cost


Reasons to get the Consumer Loan for Gas Supply Installation

  • Significant reduction of heating costs
  • Ensurance of economy, autonomy and security
  • Improvement of your everyday life quality and relief from the burden of heating expenses

Preferential terms

  • Coverage of the total installation costs
  • Low fixed interest rate for the entire loan period
  • 75% discount on the application fee regarding the official pricing policy of the Bank
  • Installment set depending on the repayment period and the customer’s payment capacity

Direct information

You can get informed on the characteristics and the financing terms:

  • At Piraeus Bank Branches
  • At the EPA service offices or by its associates through relevant information material

Service at every step

Our experts will explain to you the procedure, help you submit your application and monitor the progress of your loan.


Loan amount

From €1.000 up to €40.000

Interest rate

Fixed 10.70% for the entire loan period.

The interest rate subjects to the contribution of L.128 / 75, which currently stands at 0.60%.

Click here to see the overall APR example.

Loan term

From 6 up to 96 months.

Loan Application Fees

Amounts to 50€ and is charged on the disbursement date.


Disbursement is carried out immediately, in one installment.


Fixed monthly payments including interest as well as principal amount.

Repayment is effected via standing order from your deposit account.

Early repayment option

Total or partial at any time.