Green Consumer Loan for Green Upgrades

A Green consumer loan without collateral for green repairs and interventions to upgrade the energy performance of your property and save water. It offers very low interest rate and fast financing procedures.

Currently at 8,75%
Up to 10 years
From €1,500

Up to €20,000

100% financing
  • Low interest rate
  • Without collateral
  • Flexible financing procedures

5 more reasons to get a Green Consumer Loan

 1.  Preferential terms

We actively support your green choices with a Green Consumer Loan at a very low interest rate and without a mortgage lien.

 2.  Flexible procedures

We help you get easy, rapid financing to achieve your goals. Faced with critical decisions to this end, you will also get our support in terms of the necessary know-how.

 3.  Green services

Designed to address your needs, the green points of service at all branches in our network offer you useful services to complement or add value to your project.

Green services for Personal Banking

 4.  Energy and cash savings

Your green purchases will save energy. This gets you both low overheads over the years to come and a fast amortisation of your investment.

 5.  The right thing to do for the environment

We actively support your green choices with a Green Consumer Loan to upgrade your property and to help protect the environment.

Types of green upgrades and interventions financed

Use the Green Consumer Loan to upgrade the energy performance of your property and to save water with interventions that include:

 1.    Interventions/upgrades to the building envelope

    • Install thermal insulation
    • Install thermal-insulating window frames (casing, windowpanes)
    • Install thermal-insulating roller shutters
    • Install sun-protection equipment - permanent exterior shades


 2.     Installation of electromechanical equipment

    • Replace an old burner/boiler with a new high-performance system or a heat pump
    • Install heat recovery units
    • Install an energy-efficient fireplace
    • Install thermal regulation systems (e.g. thermostats)
    • Install a small biological sewage treatment unit (for 2 to 10 people)
    • Install a greywater reuse and rainwater harvesting system

 3.     Use of Renewable Energy Sources (RES)

    • Install a photovoltaic system for own consumption (net metering)
    • Install solar water heaters for hot water
    • Install an RES heating/cooling system (e.g. geothermal energy, solar collectors, biomass)
    • Install small heat & power cogeneration units
    • Install small wind turbines
    • Install fuel cells


Why get a Green Consumer Loan for Green Upgrades

To finance interventions that will upgrade the energy performance of your property.

Preferential terms

  • Competitive variable interest rate, 2.35 points lower than the Base Consumer Loan Rate (BCR), at 8.75%
  • Very high loan amount of up to 100% of the project budget + additional cash of €2,000
  • Long repayment term of up to 10 years
  • Without mortgage lien

Instant quote

Learn about the features of the Green Consumer Loan without even having to submit a loan application:

  • Visit any Piraeus Bank branch
  • Call us on 18 28 38, 24/7

Service every step of the way

Our Green Banking experts at every branch in our network will explain your options and the procedure. They will help you apply for and monitor your loan.


Loan amount

From €1,500 up to €20.000
We finance 100% of the amount written on the offer or pro forma invoice from the supplier, contractor or fitter. We will also provide additional cash of €2,000 without requiring additional supporting documents.

Interest rate

The interest is variable at 8.75% for the entire term of the loan.

Interest rates are also subject to the Law 128/1975 levy. Today it stands at 0.60%.

Click here to see the overall APR example

Loan term

The loan term depends on the loan amount:

  • From €1,500 to €6,000 – from 6 to 60 months
  • from €6.001 to €20,000 – from 6 to 120 months
In all cases, when you repay the last instalment, you (the borrower) must not be aged over 70.

Loan approval fee

€150 deducted from the amount disbursed to you.  


Immediately, in one single instalment.


In monthly instalments that repay interest and capital together.

Repayments must be made in the form of standing orders from your deposit account.

Early repayment option

You can repay all or part of the amount at any time at no cost.

Insurance options

The Payment Protection Plan comes as an option. This form of insurance coverage provides compensation for:

  • Dismissal or temporary disability due to accident or illness, for full-time, private sector employees with a contract
  • Hospital treatment and temporary disability due to accident or illness for freelance professionals, civil servants and part-time private sector employees with a contract

The compensation guarantees that:

  • Your Green Consumer Loan instalments will continue to be paid as normal for a set period
  • Your insurance coverage will apply for the remainder of the plan, if you opt to continue it, even though you have fully or partially repaid the loan