Open Payroll Personal Loan

An Open Personal Loan with preferential terms for those of you who receive your salary or pension through Piraeus Bank. It offers immediate access to cash to cover emergency or regular personal and consumer expenses.

From 13,25%
1 percentage unit lower than the current variable rate for regular personal loans
From €1,500

Up to €20,000
  • Preferential rates
  • Immediate access to cash
  • Cash for emergencies
  • Minimum monthly instalment of 1.5% or 3%


Immediate access to cash

The Open Payroll Personal Loan offers you immediate access to an approved amount so that you can withdraw cash or shop using your Visa Debit card and cover emergency or regular expenses.

Flexible repayment

  • At least the minimum instalment each month, which is 1.5% or 3% of the loan amount, with a minimum of €25
  • Any additional amount you wish without notifying the Bank in advance
With every payment you make you can reuse the amount without time-consuming procedures and extra expenses.

Visa Debit card

We issue a Visa Debit card for you if you do not have one already. It offers you 24-hour access to your Open Personal Loan account:

  • To deposit and withdraw cash at ATMs
  • To shop at stores by direct debit of your account

Instant quote

Learn about the features of the Open Personal Loan without even having to submit a loan application:

  • Visit any Piraeus Bank branch
  • Call us on 18 218, 24/7
We give you a written quote that is valid for 5 calendar days. That gives you time to weigh up your options and reach your decision.

Service every step of the way

Our experts will explain your options and the procedure. They will help you apply for and monitor your loan.


Loan amount

From €1,500 to €20,000 depending on your needs.

Interest rate

The interest rate is variable and it is 1 percentage unit lower than the current variable rate for regular personal loans.

Loan amount Interest rate
From €1.500 to €3,000
From €3,001 to €6,000
From €6,001 to €15.000
From €15.001 to €20.000

Interest rates are also subject to the Law 128/1975 levy. Today it stands at 0,60%. 

See an example of the overall APR for the Open Payroll Personal Loan.

Loan term

The Open Payroll Personal Loan is reusable and has an indefinite repayment term.

In all cases, when you repay the last instalment, you (the borrower) must not be aged over 65.

Annual fee

The fee is €70 and is paid annually.

Loan approval fee

The is no approval fee when you receive your salary or pension through Piraeus Bank.


You choose the minimum monthly payment when you apply for an Open Personal Loan. This payment is a percentage of your total debt (capital and interest) and is:

  • 1,50% or
  • 3%

Early repayment option

You can repay all or part of the amount at any time at no cost.