Life Protection Insurance

A Life Insurance plan from Piraeus Bank offered in partnership with NN Hellas insurance. It guarantees an insured capital for your loved ones in the event of loss of life for any reason.
  • Lump-sum payment of the insured capital to your beneficiaries in the event of loss of life
  • High insured capital with very low premium
  • Option for additional insurance covers

How you benefit

Take care of your loved ones

Life Protection Insurance ensures a significant capital which will be paid to your family in the event of loss of life. This insured capital will help you protect the family members that financially depend on you.

What needs does it cover

  • It pays off your family's financial obligations (mortgage or consumer loans, credit cards, tax office, etc.
  • It maintains your family's lifestyle
  • It ensures that your children will be able to study
  • It covers the inheritance tax
  • It covers your business partners (inheritance tax, credits, etc.)

Additional insurance coverage

You can combine Life Protection Insurance with additional insurance covers:

  • Payment of an insured capital to you in the event of grave illness.

How to collect the capital you have built


The insured capital is paid to your beneficiaries in a lump-sum in the event of loss of life.

Examples of insured capital for Life Protection Insurance

Man or Woman aged 30
Insured Capital Monthly Premium
€ 30.000 € 6,50
€ 40.000 € 7,53
€ 50.000 € 8,56
€ 75.000 € 11,12
€ 100.000 € 13,68
€ 150.000 € 18,81
€ 200.000 € 23,94