Piraeus Extra Care Insurance

  • Daily hospitalization allowance
  • Recovery allowance
  • Additional optional coverage: surgical and to serious illnesses allowance.
1 year
With an option to renew
  • Option to choose your plan based on the allowance you want
  • Free choice of hospital and doctor

How you benefit

Instant payment of cash

We immediately pay the allowance you are entitled to under your Piraeus Extra Care Insurance plan in cash. We pay the allowance for as many days as you stay in hospital, up to the maximum number of days stipulated in your policy.

Insurance tailored to your needs

Piraeus Extra Care Insurance offers basic and optional allowances You select the allowance package that best suits your needs. You can complement the basic hospitalization and sickness allowances with a surgical allowance and/or serious illnesses, offered as an option.

Complementary insurance

Piraeus Extra Care Insurance may complement an insurance policy you hold with another insurance body.

What allowances does Piraeus Extra Care Insurance offer

The amount of the Piraeus Extra Care Insurance allowances depends on the allowance package you choose, in line with the general and special terms of your contract. For example:

Basic Allowances Option 1 Option 2
Daily Hospitalization Allowance up to 120 days
Daily Recovery Allowance up to 10 days
Serious Illnesses
Grave Illness Allowance
€5.000 / €7.500 /€10.000
Surgical Allowance
from €1,000 / €2,000 / €3,000 depending on the gravity of the illness

The plan also includes life insurance to the sum of €1,000.

If the event of loss of life of the insured party, beneficiaries receive €1,000 in compensation.