Piraeus Family Civil Liability Insurance

A civil liability insurance plan for families from Piraeus Bank, offered in partnership with ERGO insurance. It protects you and your loved ones when you are liable for unexpected events you have caused and are morally or legally obligated to restore any damages
  • Bodily injuries or material damages to third parties due to actions or omissions by the insured parties
1 year
With an option to renew
  • Interest-free premium instalments
  • Option to choose the premium you want depending on the amount of cover

How you benefit

Comprehensive civil liability coverage

Piraeus Family Civil Liability Insurance ensures complete protection against accidents that happen to third parties as a result of your actions or omissions. It does not only cover you, but also your family or any other relatives that live under the same roof.

Low interest-free premium instalments

Piraeus Family Civil Liability Insurance is offered at a very affordable cost. Use any Piraeus Bank credit card to pay your premiums in up to 12 interest-free monthly instalments.


Piraeus Family Civil Liability Insurance covers you against accidents that are exclusively related to your private life:

  • When you are a pedestrian
  • When you use public transport
  • When you ride a bicycle
  • When you own a cat or dog
  • When you play any sport for leisure, apart from sports related to vehicles, craft or any other type of transport.
  • During the normal operation of your primary or secondary residence, against accidents such as pipe breakage, lifts, poisoning, etc


The level of compensation paid by Piraeus Family Civil Liability Insurance depends on the types of coverag

e you select. Payouts are computed in line with the general and special terms of your policy. For example:

Covers Choice 1
Bodily injuries per person
Group accident per event
Material damages per event
Highest liability payout annually