Insurance Program SmartPlan

Piraeus Bank offers SmartPlan, the new "smart" insurance program, designed by NN Hellas. SmartPlan is linked to investments and provides the chance to create capital in order to meet your future needs with the profit potential.
  • No initial capital required
  • You can choose the size of premium payments
  • Monthly frequency of payments
a month
Possibility of increase of the Guaranteed Maturity Capital: part of any profits of your Personal Account shall be assured irrespectively of your Personal Account Return in subsequent years. The Guaranteed maturity benefit may include an extra amount (called Performance Product), on top of all the premiums you have paid.
  • Lump-sum capital
  • By installments
  • Annual premium indexation 3%
  • Return Potential
  • Premium payment protection (Waiver of Premium Coverage)

How you benefit

SmartPlan offers a unique combination of benefits:

  • Guaranteed Return of the total amount of invested premiums at policy maturity
  • Flexibility in the payment of premiums
  • Return potential
  • Ability to liquidate at any time, based on the current value of your personal account and always according to the surrender rules that are predicted from the program
  • Daily information online at
  • Implementation of the investment strategy from NN Hellas, without your monitoring be required


Guaranteed benefit at policy maturity, which is calculated based on the premiums you have paid. The investment strategy of the program, under which the distribution of your Personal Account is done, has two objectives:

  • The assurance of guaranteed funds of the program, regardless of the market fluctuation
  • The possibility of increasing the value of your Personal Account in times of market growth

At maturity, you will receive the largest amount between:

  • the value of your Personal Account
  • the Guaranteed maturity benefit

Waiver of Premium Coverage

  • WoP is activated in case of life loss or permanent total disability for work from accident and covers the payment of the premiums of the basic coverage until the maturity of the policy.

How To Collect The Capital You Have Built

At the maturity of the program, you receive the higher of the following two amounts:

  • the value of the Personal Account
  • the guaranteed maturity benefit, which includes cumulatively:
    • the total of all the Premium of the Basic Coverage you have paid and
    • the performance product created

The investment strategy of SmartPlan includes a mechanism of consolidation of possible profits of your personal account, regardless of its performance in the following years.

On an annual basis, NN Hellas evaluates the criteria outlined in your policy and if they are met, the guaranteed maturity benefit is increased.

So, the Guaranteed maturity benefit may include an extra amount (called Performance Product), on top of all the premiums you have paid.

You can collect the amount by one of the following ways:

  • lump-sum
  • in installments according to actuarial methods and available options at that time


You choose the duration of the program from 15 to 25 years. Your age at the maturity of the program cannot exceed 80 years.

  • Age of the policy holder: from 18 to 65 years old
  • Age of the insured : from 18 to 65 years old

Premium Payment

You define from the beginning the amount you want to pay (basic coverage premium), with minimum € 84 per month. Every year, the premium is adjusted by 3%.

The premiums’ payment occurs on a monthly basis.

The payment of the premium can be completed by:

  • Debiting your bank account
  • Debiting your credit card