Online Remittance Service

Online Remittance Service offers you the ability of immediate money transfer and credit of beneficiary’s account held in other financial institutions.

How you can send Online Remittance

The Online remittance service is available either through Piraeus bank branch network or through the winbank web banking.

In order to send the Online Remittance through the bank’s branches, you have to fill in the money transfer order in any branch of Piraeus Bank. The branch employee will require the beneficiary’s customer details:

  • Bank account in IBAN format
  • Full beneficiary’s name

The money transfer is completed within a few seconds.

In order to send the Online Remittance through the winbank web banking, you must login using your personal credentials to the web banking of Piraeus Bank and follow the below procedure:

  • Fill in all the form’s fields following the system’s instructions.
  • Should the system acknowledge that the remittance covers all the prerequisites so as to be sent Online Remittance (bank, amount) an extra icon will show up asking if you want to send the remittance as Online.
  • Choose the icon and place your order. Your linked bank account will be debited with the amount of the remittance and the transaction fees.

Please note, if the order is placed from Monday to Friday until 14:30 through the bank branch or until 16:00 through winbank web banking, is executed immediately. Otherwise, the Online Remittance order will be sent within the next business day.

The service is provided under the current restrictions on capital transfers