Piraeus Leasing Development

Piraeus Bank offers flexible Leasing solutions in order for beneficiaries of NSRF 2014-2020 actions to acquire professional equipment:

  • Leasing for new equipment (machinery, means of transport, other equipment)
  • In monthly installments
  • Variable Base Lending Rate
    Euribor 3Μ
  • Minimum equipment value €20.000 plus VAT
  • Duration: 3 up to 5 years

Leasing Equipment Advantages

  • The lessee acquires the necessary equipment without committing their funds
  • A significant percentage of the equipment value and VAT is financed


Leasing is the most up to date and effective solution for acquiring fixed assets. It is addressed to freelancers and companies of any kind and legal status, who wish to acquire new equipment, without committing their funds.

Leasing is a contract between two contracting parties:

  • The leasing company
  • The lessee

Upon signing of the contract, the movable equipment the lessee wishes is immediately available.


Equipment (machinery, means of transport, other equipment)

Equipment Condition


Leasing contract

Duration: 3 to 5 years

Ownership: Throughout the duration of the Piraeus Leasing full ownership agreement, whereas upon repayment, the ownership is transferred to the lessee.

Lease: The lease is fluctuating monthly, compared with the fluctuation of the Base Lending Rate (BLR) or the weighted average three-month Euribor for the previous calendar month.

Acquisition: As symbolic acquisition price is set at that of € 10

Insurance: The customer – lessee undertakes to insure each asset with Piraeus Leasing as beneficiary of the indemnity throughout the entire lease. In partnership with Piraeus Insurance Brokers an insurance proposal is submitted to each applicant.