Gaining know-how

We offer specialized training programs and consulting services that totally correspond to modern requirements.

  • Training Programs

Digital Marketing in Hospitality

Theory , techniques are analyzed, as well as the digital marketing tools and the most modern strategies in order for the hotel businesses to achieve increased occupancy rates, better prices and extension of the tourist season, reducing dependence from other tourist traffic channels and consequently increase their sales and profitability.

Project Management for Hospitality

Key principles, practical knowledge and tools of Project Management, in order for hotel unit owners or managers to ensure success, save time and money.

Ecotourism / Agrotourism

Alternative forms of tourism which are continuously developing and offering new investment opportunities.

  • Consulting services

Green Services

The green services support Businesses and Organizations in taking actions, from planning and design to implementation, adopting solutions and practices that respect the environment and offer significant economic benefits.

Green Key

Supporting businesses operating in the tourism sector (hotels, conference centers, etc.) to achieve the GREEN KEY ecological badge certification.

Certification “Excellence of tourism business operation EFQM”

Business consulting services, in order to support businesses in the process of certification under the standards of Business Excellence EFQM Levels of Excellence and EEDE “AIEN ARISTEVEIN”

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PIRAEUS TOURISM 360° is available to Small and Medium Enterprises that are active in Tourism field.

The products and services of Piraeus TOURISM 360 °and special pricing, where these exist, can be reviewed every 01/04 and 01/10 of each year.