Non-reloadable Prepaid Gift Visa Card

Non-reloadable Prepaid Gift Visa Card issued in plastic, exclusively for businesses. Get it now and use it as a corporate gift, a draw prize, an incentive or as compensation to your customers.
Legal entities that wish to:

  • Offer it as a gift to associates and employees
  • Offer it as a prize for draws and promotions
  • Offer it as a staff incentive
  • Cover executive expenses
Exclusively for:

  • Shopping and making transactions in stores , online or through telephone orders, wherever Visa is accepted, in Greece
    and abroad
  • Unlimited number of cards issued
  • Low card-issue fee
  • May be given to company customers and employees who are not Piraeus Bank customers
  • Prepaid plastic card for businesses

How you benefit


The Piraeus Prepaid Gift Visa Card offers you many possibilities that can assist in the daily operation of your business.

It is the ideal solution for many of your company’s needs, such as:

  • Staff incentives
  • Gifts to associates and employees
  • Payment of minor corporate expenses
  • Employee travel expenses
  • Prizes for draws and promotions
  • Compensation to customers

The card may also be given to any company customer or employee, even if they are not Piraeus Bank customers.

We can even personalize the card with your corporate moto or business name . In addition, you may order as many cards as you need.

Easy to use

The Piraeus Prepaid Gift Visa Card is easy to issue and use. It is a versatile tool that will help you cover many corporate needs, while saving you time and money.

In addition, it is valid for 12 months, conveniently offering recipients ample of time to use it whenever they like.

Widely accepted

The Piraeus Prepaid Visa Gift Card is available in plastic. You can use it at any online or physical business or store in Greece or abroad that displays the Visa logo, 24/7. It also accepts refunds if you need to return products you have bought using it.


It is a non-reloadable card issued in plastic. Use it to shop or make payments until you have used up all the available balance.

In addition,

  • It is offered in a gift pack
  • It is issued in plastic and offers you the possibility to print your corporate business name or other information on it
  • It can only be loaded it once, up to €250
  • It is valid for a year from the date it is issued
  • It is not linked to any business account

How to get it

The Piraeus Prepaid Gift Visa Card is only offered at companies. In order to get as many cards as you like, simply call 182838.