Piraeus Business Prepaid Card

Virtual prepaid card, exclusively for businesses. Ideal for remote transactions, such as online purchases and phone orders. The card is issued immediately via winbank web banking. You can load or unload it from your business account 24/7, offering you complete control and flexibility.
  • Legal entities
Exclusively for:

  • Online purchases
  • Phone orders
  • Immediate card issue & use
  • Security
  • Loading using company funds
  • Control over business expenses
  • Real-time management 24/7
  • No need to visit a branch
  • The first virtual prepaid card for businesses

How you benefit

Immediate card issue

The virtual Piraeus Business Prepaid Card is issued and activated immediately via winbank web banking for businesses. You may use it for transactions* as soon as you load funds from your business account.

Convenience and flexibility

The Piraeus Business Prepaid Card has been designed to serve the needs of contemporary businesses for shopping* online or over the phone, when you don't have to present a physical card, such as:

  • Shop online for products and services from e-shops (e.g. consumables, airlines tickets, subscriptions, conference participation fees, etc.)
  • Pay online for services or bills
  • Make phone orders from catalogues
It is easy to manage your card (load, unload, monitor transactions, cancel and request re-issue) in real time, 24/7:

  • Online via winbank web banking
  • Via mobile phone using the winbank mobile App
The Piraeus Business Prepaid Card also accepts refunds if you return goods you have bought using it.

Control over use and security

The Piraeus Business Prepaid Card lets you manage your corporate card at all times. By loading and unloading it through your business account, you can rest assured that only the balance you need for transactions will be available. This protects your card against fraudulent use.

*For more information regarding the allowed transactions press here


Virtual card

The Piraeus Business Prepaid Card is not issued in plastic. It is a virtual card that you may use for transactions when a physical card is not required. To use it for purchases, you only need the number, the expiry date and the CVC2 verification code.

No annual fee

The Piraeus Business Prepaid Card is issued free of charge and carries no annual fee.

Direct debit

The Piraeus Business Prepaid Card is not a credit card and it is not linked to a sight account. Transactions are paid for by debiting the funds available on your card. Unless there are enough funds on your card, transactions cannot be completed.

Daily transaction limit

From €50 to €10,000. You can set a daily maximum amount that can be used with your card. If a transaction exceeds this limit, the transaction will be declined. Provided there are enough funds, you may use it for as many transactions as you like, up to the daily limit.

You may change the daily transaction limit at any time:

Daily load limit

From €3 to €3.000

You set the amount of money you load onto your Piraeus Business Prepaid Card.

Charges for loading your Piraeus Business Prepaid Card:

Type of transaction Fees 
Card issue


Card re-issue


Purchases in €


Purchases in non euro currency

2% of the transaction amount, max. €5


 1% of the reload amount, min. €1, max. €3 



*If the unload amount is smaller than the unload charge, then the total unload amount will be collected as a fee.

Cash withdrawals and purchases at physical stores

You cannot make cash withdrawals or purchases at physical stores with your Piraeus Business Prepaid Card. It is a virtual and not a physical card, so it cannot be used at ATMs or physical stores.

How to get it

The Piraeus Business Prepaid Card is only offered at companies. To get the card, you must have a sight account at Piraeus Bank and access to the winbank web banking service via your legal representative. Your legal representative may get the Piraeus Business Prepaid Card in just a few minutes:

If your company is already a Piraeus Bank customer with access to winbank web banking, as long as your business representative has the appropriate access rights, it can be issued within a few minutes.

How to get the Piraeus Business Prepaid Card step-by-step and which supporting documents you might need

* temporarily not available