Piraeus Open Business Working Capital POS

Piraeus Open Business Working Capital POS is the brand new flexible financing tool connected to the POS transactions.
  • Open Working Capital for small businesses seeking for financing against future receivables from sales through POS.
  • Capital: Automatic repayment through the POS
  • Capital repayment at anytime
  • Minimum monthly payment of 5% of the outstanding balance

based on the BLR
  • Ability to perform all of the company's payments through this account
  • Ability to use the account through winbank



From 4.000€. The maximum amount may be up to 30 % of the turnover made by the company through POS in the last 12 months.


Indefinite with annual renewal.

Interest Rate

Variable interest rate based on the Base Loan Rate (BLR) of Piraeus Bank.

Interest rates are also subject to the Law 128/1975 levy. Today it stands at 0.60%.


In monthly instalments:

  • Minimum monthly payment 5% for interest and capital each month of the debit balance
  • Automatically repaid through the transactions performed by the POS
  • Pay only interest and the capital you wish, with the option of reusing the capital

What added benefits does Piraeus Open Business Working Capital POS

Cash for Business debit card

Corporate or personal card with no annual fee. Use it for transactions:

  • At ATMs
  • At easypay machines
  • At businesses featuring the VISA / VISA Electron logo

Additional features / benefits

  • Use via winbank
  • Free Business Alerts send information such as expiry actuarial awareness, maturity limit etc