Action «JEREMIE»: Co-financed general business loans

Financing for small and medium enterprises through working capital and/or investment loans.
Take advantage of 50% interest-free financing since 50% of the given loan is funded by NSRF.
Businesses active in:
  • Manufacturing
  • Trade
  • Services
  • Tourism
  • In 3-monthly or 6-monthly instalments that pay interest and capital
up to
throughout the loan term

  • Up to 24 months (for investment loans) and up to 12 months (for working capital) grace period
  • Early, partial or full repayment option without penalties

Eligibility criteria

For business investment plans, the financing amount ranges from €10.000 to €2.000.000 and includes expenses like :

  • Creation-Configuration-Renovating Buildings
  • Machinery -Equipment
  • IT expenses 

For working capital, the financing amount ranges from €10.000 to €2.000.000 and it covers :

  • Business growth needs associated with the commercial/transactional cycle of the enterprise (purchase of raw and auxiliary materials, goods, services and merchandise) and

  • General expenses, wage costs, utilities cost, etc

Every company may be included in both types of preferential loans.

For both types of loans only unpaid invoiced costs associated with the activities of the company are considered as eligible costs.

The expenses excluded from Commission Regulation Εc 1407/2013 (de minimis) are not considered eligible

The maximum loan amount applies cumulatively for all co-financed general business loans JEREMIE which a business in Greece has potentially secure.

Financing features

Loan Term:

Investment Loan

from 3 to 10 years, including the grace period up to 24 months.

Working Capital

from 1 to 4 years including the grace period up to 12 months.

After taking into account that 50% of the loan is funded by the NSRF and it is interest-free, the final interest rate charged to the customer comes to:

  • 4,2% fixed

* Plus the Law.128/75 levy (0, 60%), which applies the entire loan.

Repayment Method

  • With 3-month or 6-month instalments that pay interest and capital
  • Early, partial or full repayment without any charge (e.g. penalty for early prepayment)

Loan fees:

1,5% of the initial loan amount, with a maximum of € 400.

Supporting documents

Apart from the financial information that the bank requires for the evaluation and approval of the loan, additional documents must be submitted for the JEREMIE action (available only in Greek).

Eligible companies

The Action is aimed at small and medium enterprises (SMEs) of any legal form (under incorporation, newly-established or existing) which fulfill the following conditions:

  • They are SMEs, as defined by the European Union.
  • They are registered, operate and invest in Greece
  • They do not exceed the aid limit provided for by the De Minimis Rule “on de minimis aid"
  • They have no outstanding tax or social insurance obligations
  • They are active in all Greek sectors, apart from certain exceptions, provided they hold eligible Activity Codes.

**Companies that employ up to 250 staff in Annual Labour units, and have up to €50 million in annual turnover or up to €43 million in assets.

The final date for disbursement of loans defined as 31/08/2016 provided that the budget for the program, per region, not exhausted earlier.