Piraeus Bank Loans in partnership with the Institution for Growth (IfG)

Financing to SMEs utilising the IfG funds, for working capital and/or investment loans with preferential terms.
Businesses active in:
  • Manufacturing
  • Trade
  • Services
  • Tourism
In instalments:
  • 3-monthly
  • 6-monthly
The interest rate will be based on Euribor + margin, which is lower compared to the margin if the company was financed with funds of the Bank
  • Exempt from Law 128/75 levy

Eligibility criteria

The product offers financing for working capital or medium-long term investment loans. The loan amount is up to €5 million and can be used to cover expenses for:
  • Equipment
  • Research & development
  • Building works
  • Corporate financial commitments
  • Trade activities and raw materials

Financing features

Repayment method
  • In 3-monthly or 6-monthly instalments

Eligible companies
  • Independent SMEs
  • Companies that employ up to 250 staff in Annual Labour Units
  • Companies with an annual turnover of up to €30 million or with up to €30 million in assets
  • Companies that are registered, operate and invest in Greece
  • Companies operating in the sectors of trade, manufacturing, services and tourism
  • Companies that do not exceed the aid limit provided for by the De Minimis Rule “on de minimis aid"
  • SMEs that have not been classified as firms in difficulty (under the European Commission guidelines)