Loans for Small Businesses that wish to invest in their energy retrofitting

Long-term loan for small businesses for financing energy conservations and efficiency solutions of professional and commercial facilities. It combines financing and insurance solutions.
  • Small and Very Small Enterprises (up to m€ 2.5 turnover)
  • in monthly, 3-monthly installments
based on the BMLR,

Euribor  or 

  • Up to 6 months grace period
  • Added services such as insurance coverage

5 additional reasons to get green products for businesses

 1.  Lower costs

Piraeus Bank SA supports actively the Green Entrepreneurship through the Green Banking, giving you the possibility to finance your Business’s energy renovation with favorable interest rates and preferential terms set out in conjunction with client’s profile and relevant collaterals.

 2.  Flexible procedures

We have the necessary green technical know-how to ensure quick and easy financial evaluation that is tailored to your needs. We also support you in any necessary decision-making throughout the implementation of the project.

 3.  Green services

Acknowledging your needs we provide with the green services that complement or add value to your investment:

Green services for businesses

 4.  Sustainable investment

The features of the green business financing and insurance package have been designed to ensure positive returns early on in your investment.

 5.  The right move for the environment

With a well-designed business plan and the continuous offered support you contribute both in developing the economy and in protecting the environment, while you establish energy savings on.

Who is it aimed at

The “Piraeus Green Businesses” offers financing solutions, insurance and advisory services:

  • Small and very small businesses (turnover up to m€2,5) who wish to invest for the improvement of the energy performance of their businesses and / or the installation of photovoltaic power stations for net metering

How you benefit

  • Combination of financing and insurance solutions
Financing includes an insurance package for the facilities and the equipment, to protect your investment.


The purpose of this loan is to finance interventions that improve the energy performance of professional and / or retail premises. Concretely, with the “Piraeus Green Businesses” could be financed:

  • Thermal insulation of the building skin, fenestration, fixed and moveable shading devices
  • New HVAC (heating, cooling, ventilation, air conditioning) and hot water systems with high energy performance for replacing existing with lower energy performance
  • Energy performance improvement of the lighting system
  • High energy performance equipment (except HVAC and hot water systems), having an energy performance certificate higher than A
  • Installation of photovoltaic systems for net metering

Loan amount

Up to €200.000
Up to 80% of equipment’s purchase and installation costs
At least 80% of the investment cost should concern energy saving solutions, such as those mentioned above and will be certified by the Green Banking.


Up to 3 years for loan amounts up to €20.000
Up to 10 years for loan amounts greater than €20.001 and up to €200.000

Interest Rate

Variable interest rate, based on the Base Medium-Long Term Loan Rate (BMLR) of Piraeus Bank and reduced by up to 2%.
For loan amounts over €100.000, interest rate varies with the Euribor 1M or Euribor 3M rate plus a minimum spread of 4%, depending on the collaterals.

Interest rates are also subject to the Law 128/1975 levy. Today it stands at 0.60%.


In monthly, 3-monthly installments which repay interest and capital.

Grace period

Up to 6 months. During the grace period you only pay the interest.


Up to three installments with the possibility of an advanced payment of up to 20% of the loan amount, without affirmation, provided that the required securities and / or other collaterals exist.

Mandatory insurance coverage

Mandatory Fire and Earthquake Insurance for the property on which mortgage lien has been set .
Mandatory insurance of the photovoltaic system, if relevant.

Other benefits

  • Free access to e-banking services (winbank)
  • Corporate Debit card in the name of the business executives without annual fee for the first year
  • Ability to promote your business through the Green Banking Portal