My Business Advanced & Total

Business insurance (shop, office, hotel) for owners and tenants offered by ERGO Insurance Company to Piraeus Bank customers. Covers the building shell and or content of your business property.
  • Fire insurance for the building shell and or content
  • Additional coverage for comprehensive asset protection, depending on the plan you opt for
1 year
With an option to renew
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  • Low premiums and discounts
  • Maximum deductible

How you benefit

Insurance tailored to your needs

My Business refers to owners and tenants, whether they are individuals or companies. 2 insurance plans are available Advanced & Total, offering basic and optional forms of coverage. Choose the plan that suits your needs, preferences and pocket.

Low premiums and discounts

My Business is offered in affordable & competitively priced premiums. Discounts are available for both insurance plans depending on the overall capital insured.

Insured capital Discount
Up to €50,000
From €50,001 to €100,000
From €100,001 to €150,000
From €150,001 to €200,000
From €200,001 to €800,000

Interest free installments

You can pay your premiums up to 12 monthly installments by a Piraeus Bank credit card.

Maximum deductible

A maximum deductible is set for each My Business Insurance plan. That means that right from the outset you know what you need to pay in the event of damage. Your insurance will cover the rest.

Contracts issued immediately

It takes no time to get from insurance quote to having the contract issued and paid for. Then simply pick up your policy at the branch of Piraeus Bank that you prefer.

Damage Restoration in the value of new one

In case of a damage of anticipated risk to the building or the contents of your Business Property, the compensation you will receive is calculated based on the amount required to reconstruct like new ones or replace with new ones, at the time of the damage, in the same place.


Basic coverage

My Business comes in 2 versions: Advanced & Total. The standard and the optional coverages of each packet are formed in accordance with the terms and conditions of your contract. Indicative:

Basic coverage Advanced Total
Fire, Lightning-induced fire
Exploding appliances and facilities,
Falling aircraft
Widespread explosions
Falling trees, lamp-posts
  (except office)  
  (except office)  
Forest fire
Collision with third party vehicles
Terrorist acts
Uprisings, strikes, riots
Malicious acts
10% Leeway clause
Rubble collection
New for old value
Prescription cover
  (only for pharmacy)  
  (only for pharmacy)  
Architect’s / engineer’s fees and license fees
  (except office)  
Flood, storm, squall, snow, weight of snow, hail, frost
Water pumping costs
Leaking pipes and sewers
Fire-induced short-circuits
Broken outdoor windows, up to €5,000
Material damage, third party civil liability following insured risk
Tenant’s civil liability following insured risk
Relocation expenses
Theft-related damage to building
Loss of rent
  (except office)  
Guarding Expenses
Cost of works to investigate water damage
  (except hotel)  
Damage minimization costs
Hold up
Money transfer
Bank safe deposit box
  (except hotel)  
Damage to central heating boiler from insured risk
Signs / Labels cover
  (only for store)  
Damage to goods
  (only for store)  
Damage to objects on outside of building from insured risk
All Risks Electronic Equipment
  (only for office)  
Fixed expenses cover

OC: Optional Coverage


Maximum deductible

My Business sets a maximum deductible so you know from the outset how much you will have to pay out in the case of damage or loss. The deductible depends on the coverage you have and the risks insured:

  • A 2% deductible applies to the insured value per incident, in the case of earthquake coverage