Safe Agricultural Production for Livestock

Piraeus Bank proposes the Safe Agricultural Production for Livestock plan, created by ATE Insurance, member of the ERGO insurance group and addressed to animal and poultry farmers, Cooperatives and producers’ groups.

The Livestock Insurance is a plan insuring the following holdings:

  • Cattle farms
  • Pig farms
  • Sheep and goat farms
  • Poultry farms

Renewable annually

Key insurance information:

  • Type of holding (Cattle, Pig, Sheep and Goat, Poultry farms)
  • Value of insured Livestock

Points of Coverage*

Damage caused by the death of insured animals due to any random and unforeseen event (death due to illness or accident) is covered.

* A detailed description of coverage, conditions and exemptions can be found in the general and special terms of the insurance policy, which are available at any branch.


Damage to Livestock is compensated in accordance with the plan’s points of coverage.

Payment of premium

Method of Payment

  • Primary insurance: cash to an account
  • Policy renewal: with a standing order via bank account or credit card issued by Piraeus Bank