Remittances in euro or foreign currencies to Greece and abroad at Piraeus Bank branches.
Immediate credit and money availability to the beneficiary’s account held in a financial institution within Greece.
Send and receive micro-payments instantly, any tme of the day. Now you can pay or collect small amounts, only by using a mobile phone number or a tax identicaton number.
Send money to Piraeus Bank subsidiaries in Albania, Bulgaria, the Ukraine and Romania at low cost.
Send and receive money in Greece and abroad via the MoneyGram® international network, without needing a bank account. The recipient receives the money within 10 minutes.
Send remittances in euro or foreign currency in Greece or abroad through Piraeus Bank services. Send & receive money securely.
Pay any credit cards issued by banks in Greece (the outstanding or minimum or full payment amount).

Remittance Fee Calculator

  • Calculate outward remittance fees