easypay POINT

Piraeus Bank through the Easypay PΟΙΝΤ Service is offering you the facility of paying your Bills in a wider network. You no longer need to visit a Bank branch or the Billers’ premises to pay your bills.

You simply need to locate near you a shop or a kiosk with the easypay PΟΙΝΤ logo, have with you the bill statement and quickly and easily pay in cash. The service is available to all consumers, regardless of where they hold their Banking relation.

How does easypay point service work?

Piraeus Bank, being a leader in the electronic payments area has created the easypay PΟΙΝΤ service thus extending its customer service network.

You can locate kiosks, mini markets and other shops in your neighborhood bearing the easypay PΟΙΝΤ logo. You can pay your bill statement value in cash, receive your receipt and your transaction is completed in a few seconds with the security and guarantee of Piraeus Bank.

Available Billers

Currently the Bank supports the most popular bill payments in the Greek market in the fields of Electricity, Water supply, Telco’s, Mobile Operators, Natural Gas, Cable TV.

Piraeus Bank will be constantly adding new and innovative services so as to extend its services provision to you.