Do It Yourself Time Deposit
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Do It Yourself Time Deposit offers you the ultimate flexibility as you can create it as you wish and you can select the reward you want. You can choose from a wide range of term options (1 week to 12 months), interest payment options, the option of early withdrawal without penalty and the option to change your deposit capital during the term. You can even choose to earn yellows which you can redeem for your everyday purchases.


Choose interest payment at the beginning, at maturity or during the term
  • Yield
  • Funds availability
  • Monthly, regular or additional income

  • You… “Do It Yourself”
  • Online opening
  • You can earn yellows that you can redeem in many ways

How you benefit

Choose from a wide range of term options

In Do It Yourself time deposit you can choose from the standard term (1 week to 12 months) or maturity date of your choice.

Minimum amount

The minimum deposit amount is €5,000.

Interest Payment

Choose the interest payment that fits your needs:

  • at the beginning of the time deposit.
  • at maturity
  • during the term of the time deposit, monthly, or every two or three months, depending on the total duration of the time deposit you have chosen.

Penalty - free early withdrawal option

Should you need the money deposited in before maturity, you have the option of an early full withdrawal.

On the interest payment date, early withdrawal is free of charge. In any other date, an early withdrawal penalty applies, calculated as follows:

2% x Withdrawn Capital x days remaining to maturity / 360 (days)

Early withdrawal penalty cannot exceed the total accrued credit interest of the time deposit, paid or not. Especially, in the case of interest payment at the beginning of the time deposit, the above cost increases by the upfront gross paid interest for the days remaining to maturity of the term deposit.

Option of capital modification

You can change your capital as many times as you wish – once a day – at no cost, without any change on the interest rate.

More specifically:

  • The amount you deposit or withdraw must be at least €1,000
  • The remaining time deposit capital should not be lower or higher than 50% of the initial capital

For example: at a "Do It Yourself" of €30,000 initial capital, you can deposit or withdraw a minimum amount of €1,000 once a day, as long as the new capital of your time deposit is no more than €45,000 (+50%) or less than €15,000 (-50%).

However, if you wish to exceed the above mentioned range (±50%), you have to withdraw the whole amount of your time deposit and pay an early withdrawal penalty.


With Do It Yourself time deposit, along with the interest you receive you also earn reward yellows, as long as you select it.

Create your Do It Yourself time deposit!

Interest Rates

The interest rate depends on the term of the time deposit, the deposit amount and the other features you may choose.

Click here for the interest rates.


Yellow Reward Program

With Do It Yourself time deposit, along with the interest you receive you also earn yellows, as long as you select it. You may find more information about yellow here.

Yellows are calculated by multiplying net interest received by the multiplier 500 and are posted every time interest is paid (in case of upfront interest payment, yellows are posted at maturity of the time deposit).


Time deposit with a capital of €40,000, for a duration of 6 months, interest rate 0.25% (gross annualized), interest payment at maturity and yellow reward program.

Net interest is €42,50.

The total amount of yellows is calculated as follows: 42,50 Χ 500 = 21,250, which will be posted at the maturity date of the time deposit.


Yellow Reward Program is available only for time deposits with duration more than 1 month.

Any adjustment of accrued credit interest of the time deposit due to capital modification will recalculate accordingly the yellows.

In case of early withdrawal of the deposit, yellows will be calculated based on the net credit interest paid after the deduction of the early withdrawal penalty. In the case of early withdrawal of a deposit with upfront interest payment, no yellows will be posted.

The rest terms of the yellow Reward Program are valid as mentioned in the Terms & Conditions of the relevant program.

How to open this time deposit

Visit any Piraeus Bank branch

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On line

Via winbank web banking

You can open a Time Deposit only from an account in which you are the only beneficiary. In case you wish to open a Time Deposit with additional beneficiaries, you can do so from any Branch.

Call us

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You can design the Do It Yourself time deposit here and you will receive an e-mail summarizing the features you selected as well as a code which you can use at any branch or via winbank to easily open your tailor made time deposit.