Consumer Loan for Public-Sector Debts

A consumer loan that helps you pay off your dues to the State, such as taxes, fines, extraordinary levies and settlement of properties without planning permission. It offers very low interest rate and special features.

Up to 84 months
From € 1,500

  • Financing for taxes & fines
  • Very low interest rate and special features
  • Discount from the State for lump-sum payments


Financing for taxes & fines

You can pay off one or more financial obligations to the State, such as settle properties without planning permission (Law 4178/2013) or pay your regular and extraordinary taxes (income tax, property tax EN.F.I.A, etc.). Moreover, if you have a property without planning permission or require change of use for your property, we will provide additional cash of €2,000. You can use this amount to cover any expenses that may arise, such as the engineer's fee.

Special features-low instalments

The Consumer Loan for Taxes and Dues to the State offers:

  • Very low variable interest rate at 9.95%
  • Very high loan amount of up €40,000
  • Long repayment term of up to 7 years. This means that the loan instalment may be significantly lower than the instalment you would pay to the tax office using your own capital

Lump-sum payment discount

Piraeus Bank pays off your dues to the State directly and in a lump-sum. With this lump-sum payment you receive a discount off your dues.

Instant quote

Learn about the features of the Consumer Loan for Taxes and Dues to the State without even having to submit a loan application:

  • Visit any Piraeus Bank branch
  • Call us on 18 218, 24/7

Service every step of the way

Our experts will explain your options and the procedure. They will help you apply for and monitor your loan.


Loan amount

From €1,500 up to €40,000. The loan amount depends on the amount of your dues. To settle buildings without planning permission, we grant the amount of the fine minus the State administrative fee. We also provide additional cash of €2,000 to cover expenses that may arise, such as the engineer's fee.

Interest rate

The interest rate is variable at 9.95% over the entire term of your personal loan. Interest rates are also subject to the Law 128/1975 levy. Today it stands at 0.60%.

See an example of the overall APR for the Consumer Loan for Taxes and Dues to the State.

Loan term

  • For €1,500 to €3,000 - from 6 to 12 months
  • For €3,001 to €6,000 - from 2 to 5 years
  • For €6,001 to €40,000 - from 2 to 7 years
In all cases, when you repay the last instalment, you (the borrower) must not be aged over 70 .

Loan approval fee

150€ deducted from the amount disbursed to you


Immediately, in one single instalment.


In monthly instalments that repay interest and capital together.

In all cases, repayments must be made in the form of standing orders from your deposit account.

Early repayment option

You can repay all or part of the amount with an added cost for early repayment.